So this month from Bzzz, I got to try Herbal Essence Shine line and some cute hair ties.
I currently already use Herbal Essence, but not their shine line.
The smell is amazing ! Of course, all of Herbal Essences products smell great !
What I like about the shine line is it doesn’t weigh down your hair at all. So it made my hair light and bouncy feeling. Having curls and very course hair this is a huge plus !
I can see how someone with thin straight hair would also benefit from this as well.
As for the shine factor, I can’t say I saw much difference. It also takes very little shampoo to get a rich lather. The conditioner I had to use more of, but having thick curly hair I always have to use more conditioner than the average person would.
So I give Herbal Essence Shine a B.
The hair ties work good for putting over another one that’s already in your hair. It would hold up thin hair, but for anybody that has thick hair it won’t hold up at all.
I give the hair ties a C-.
See you next month for the next Bzzz !

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