If there’s one thing you can’t get enough of it’s fun, unique ways to display your pictures. Here’s another DIY Picture Holder.
Wood (from local hardware store like Lowe’s)
Spray chalkboard paint
White chalk ($1 at Dollar Store
Clothespins ($1 at Dollar Store)
Ribbons (or anything you’d prefer to decorate the top of clothespins)
Hot glue gun
Old newspaper
Go to your local hardware store such as Lowe’s, and purchase a piece of wood in the size you want for your holder. You can have them cut down a piece to your desired size.
Next, place your piece of wood onto old newspaper and spray it with the chalkboard paint, let dry.
Using the piece of chalk, write whatever caption you would like onto the piece of painted wood. Don’t worry if you mess up, it’s a chalkboard just erase and try again !
Cut a piece of twine a little smaller than the piece of wood. Lay the twine onto the back of the wood, and put a dime sized amount of hot glue on to each end of the twine.
Finally, using your hot glue gun glue on the clothespins followed by the ribbons. Let set for 5 minutes to let all the glue fully dry. Add your pictures.
This is such a simple DIY picture holder, enjoy !


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