I love antiques ! These are my most recent flea market finds.
This was one of my husbands finds. When he showed me at first, and said ” It’s a syrup dispenser” I wasn’t to thrilled. Once we got home he proceeded to tell me how he had one exactly like this growing up. He said his mom would heat the syrup up in the microwave before using. This one is from the 70’s, and at $1.59 the price IS right !
These glasses are what I would consider deep south tea glasses. They are heavy and thick, and at only .50 each, the perfect price !
These are perfect sized glasses for juice or taking pills. For some reason at my house every small glass has ended up broken. So when I saw these, I was in love ! Plus, I love that they’re old and only .75 each !
These are old salt and pepper shakers. I love these because I collect salt and pepper shakers, and LOVE old ones. This set was $3.00 which is generally more then I would like to pay, but I will spend a little more for old salt and pepper shakers.
This was another find from the hubs. He informed me that this is an old Good Season’s cruet. His grandmother used to have one exactly like this. Apparently, like everything else the quality of the cruet has lessened as well.
This one is thick and heavy. Unlike today’s version which is thinner glass, and not very heavy at all.
At .50 was a great find !
This set I absolutely LOVE ! I love old pitcher and glass sets, and with green being my favorite color it made it even better.
This whole set was only $18,
The two items on the right are more salt and pepper shakers. I not only like old, but I also like unusual and unique. Once again, I paid a little more then I normally would.
Another thing I like is miniature things. So my husband found the little tin on the left for only .50.
I also collect old bottles, and the one behind the tin is exactly the type I look for.
This one was another hubs find. I used to play the violin, so when he found this he thought of me and had to get it.
It also has the added bonus of being old. It has a bluish hue to it when light hits it.
Finally, this was the last item my hubs found. He loved the detail. I don’t know if it’s old or not but it’s pretty cool either way !


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