If you happen to be cursed, I mean blessed with curly hair. Than you are fully aware of the on going battle of the frizz ! There are a zillion products out there that claim to get rid of frizzy hair. In  my plight of taming it down I discovered that most of these products are crap ! So this post is for all my curly haired gals, after this post you will know how to get rid of frizzy hair, your best frizzy hair solution !

frizzy hair solutions

There are a couple tricks when it comes to handling curly hair.
First and foremost never, ever, ever use a brush on dry curly hair !

What I do is in the shower after I apply conditioner, I brush my hair out with the conditioner in it. Add a little bit of water once conditioner is applied, and it will make it soft. That’s when you should comb it out.

After you are done bathing, wrap your hair in a towel or hair wrap. I leave mine on for a couple minutes to absorb the excess water. After you remove your towel, do not touch or play with your hair. This is one of the biggest culprits to frizzy hair next to combing. Next, comes the products to apply to your hair.


curly hair productsThe first product you apply to your hair is a primer of sorts, it’s called Loreal Advanced Extraordinary Lustrous Oil. There is a correct and in-correct way to do this. What you do is f
lip your hair over so it’s all hanging down. Next, take your primer and squeeze/scrunch your hair into your hand. Make sure to do it on the top of your hair as well.
products that tame frizz
The second product to apply to your hair is Rusk Str8. This is an anti-frizz cream, and it is amazing ! It takes away frizz, and makes you hair feel so soft. It will give you soft, pretty curls.

Now in one quick movement, flip your hair back up. If there are any flyaways, with your hands that still have residue on them. Gently push or the hairs down that need it.

That’s your solution on how to get rid of frizzy hair !
Just let your hair air dry or use a diffuser
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