If you have ever had the problem of critters getting into your house, then you know how hard and expensive it can be to try and keep them out.
I’m going to show you how to get rid of mice and bugs for cheap !
All you need is SOS pads which you can get for $1 at the dollar store, and spray foam or caulk.
I would recommend wearing gloves or you’ll end up with soap residue on them.
Each SOS pad is rolled up and has a starting point. Find the starting point, and start gently pulling on it to unroll it like the picture below.
It will look like the picture below when it is completely unrolled.


Next, you need to determine the size of the hole you are going to fill. If it’s a small one like the type that goes along baseboards, then separate the large piece in half longways.
Now gently pull until it resembles the picture below.
If your hole isn’t straight just pull of the size you need from your strip.
Just push it into the hole.
If your hole is large then you want to take your unrolled SOS pad, and fold it in half like below.
Then put it into the hole securely.


The reason why I use SOS pads (besides the fact you can get a whole box for $1) is they are made out of medal.
This means mice can’t chew through it, and bugs can’t squeeze through it either.
Finally, put caulk or spray foam over top of your hole. This will seal it, and prevent anything from pulling it out or moving it.
That’s it, I did this in my house, and I haven’t had any critters !
Now you know how to get rid of mice and bugs for cheap !
Happy Sealing !



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