How to Make a DIY Terrarium Garden

how to make an easy succulent garden
This is such an incredibly simple way how to make a DIY terrarium.
Jar or container of your choosing
Rocks or decorative gems (like you use in a fish tank)
Sand or potting soil
Pick out a jar or container for your terrarium garden. Old or unique jars, even mason jars are a neat idea.
First put about an inch of rock on the bottom of your jar or container.
Next, depending upon the shape and size of your jar put a layer of potting soil. For smaller jars put about an inch and a half. For round fish bowl sized containers put 2-3 inches of sand/potting soil.
In jar sized containers put a couple layers. In round containers you can also do a couple layers, or just do one layer with larger quantities of each layer.
Finally, push your succulents gently down into the container. You want to make sure the roots are touching the potting soil/sand. Water very sparingly. After planted put about a teaspoon of water per plant. Only water after it has totally dried out. If you over water, you will kill the succulents.
That’s how to make a DIY terrarium garden, enjoy !

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