easy diy rustic decor
I love being able to make things that are simple, and come right out of nature itself ! This is how to make an easy rustic picture frame.
Cardboard from a picture frame
Sticks broken to the size of your cardboard
Hot glue and glue gun
Brown Paint
Paintbrush (square sponge ones work great)
Small bowl (an egg carton piece cut off works great)
Whatever decorations you want to add to it after it’s complete, flowers, gems, shells, ribbons, anything you want !
First, pull out the square inside of a picture frame. Gently wipe it with a cloth, and make sure there’s no dust or dirt on it.
Next, pour the brown paint into your bowl, about 1/2 a cup. You can always add more if you need to. Now paint the cardboard and let totally dry. You may want to add a second coat of paint. If so, do it now.
Start adding your sticks around the cardboard, one to two at a time on each side. This is to prevent a lopsided frame. Secure the sticks with hot glue.
Continue adding sticks a couple at a time until the cardboard is covered all the way around.
Finally, add any final decorations onto three of the corners, leave one open. Use the hot glue to secure these decorations into place.
That’s it, you know how to make an easy rustic picture frame ! These are great gift ideas !
If you want to leave these plain with no decorations, a piece of ribbon put around the top piece and hung would look fabulous !
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