Have you ever seen those neat balls in bowls used as decor ? I bet you didn’t know you could make them with minimal efforts. This is your super simple guide how to make DIY yarn balls !
Yarn, string, or twine
Liquid (white) glue
Small sized bowl
First, blow up the balloons to the size yarn ball you want. Next, using the scissors cut long strips of yarn about 3 feet long.
Pour half the glue into a bowl.
Spread newspaper down onto your work surface, and put everything on to it.
Start dipping your strips of yarn into the glue. As you pull it out, use your fingers and gently squeeze along the string to remove the excess glue.
Put the string around the balloon. Just wrap it, and continue doing different ways and directions around the whole balloon until you’ve used all the string.
Finally, just let the string dry. Pop the balloons, and gently pull them out of the string. The scissors work great for this if you have any trouble removing it.
That’s your guide on how to make DIY yarn balls.
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