It’s great playing with play-doh, but sometimes the kiddos want something different. This was what prompted flubber, and below is the recipe for how to make homemade flubber without borax

If you don’t know what flubber is, it’s a thick, stretchy blob of fun. Unlike play-doh it won’t break into pieces. It is great for sensory playtime. You can also make aromatherapy flubber by adding a drop of essential oil.



2 bottles of any brand of white liquid glue (1 cup total)
1/2 of a cup of room temperature water
1/2 cup of liquid starch
Glitter or food coloring (if desired)
1 drop of essential Oil (if desired)
2 bowls
Wire whisk
In a medium sized mixing bowl combine the glue and water. Gently mix with a wire whisk until incorporated and smooth.
Next, if you are wanting to add glitter, food coloring, or essential oil do it now.
In another medium sized bowl add the liquid starch. Now add your glue mixture into the bowl with the liquid corn starch.
Use your hands to combine all the ingredients together. It’ll take a couple minutes for the flubber to form.
Once formed, you can play with the flubber right away or let it set for about 10 – 15 minutes.
You want to store it in a airtight container or a gallon sized bag.
That’s it, now you know how to make you own homemade flubber !

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