Are you looking for something different for your kiddos to play with other than play-doh, try slime ? It’s so incredibly easy to make with only 3 ingredients, and is a wonderful sensory item !

How to make homemade Patriotic Slime

1/2 cup clear Elmer’s (or generic) glue (can also use glitter or white glue)
1/4 cup water (room temperature)
1/2 cup liquid starch
Glitter, confetti, food coloring (optional)
2 medium sized bowls
In one of the bowls combine the glue and water. Using spoon, mix well until incorporated.
If you are going to add glitter, confetti, or food coloring add it now.
Next, in the other bowl add the liquid starch.
Slowly add your glue mixture into the bowl with the liquid starch, stirring with the spoon. As the slime starts to come together it’ll become to hard to stir with the spoon, switch to using your hands.
Continue to mix together with your hands for a couple minutes until it starts coming together.
Store in an air tight container or gallon sized Ziploc baggie.
Hint: The slime gets better as it sets. It can be played with right away, but for optimal slime let it set for about 10 minutes.
That’s it, now you know how to make homemade slime, enjoy !

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