I think we’ve all thought about it, sitting at home in our pajamas while the money rolls in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. There are ways you can learn how to make money online and with apps though.
There is a lot of noise online. In other words, you can get overwhelmed really quickly. Most people do a Google search, and get fifty million plus search results. You need someone to shuffle through the noise. That’s what I’m going to help you do.
First of all, don’t look for a get rich quick way to make money online. These DO NOT work !
There are several ways you can legitimately make money.
sendearnings website1. Get paid to do surveys, there are several companies that will pay you to take surveys. Here’s the thing with paid surveys, they are time consuming. The longer the survey, the more money you can make though. For me personally, I don’t do surveys for one simple reason, I don’t have the time it requires ! If you have the time it takes to complete surveys you can make anywhere from .50 to over $100. Two of the best I’ve found is Vindale Research  and Send Earnings What I like about both of these companies is that they offer shorter survey opportunities. As well as several other ways to earn money.

Get paid to shop with Mypoints and Ebates

2. Companies that pay you to try their products. The way these companies work is by paying you to try AND REVIEW products. The best I’ve found is Pinecone research. They pay $3 for every product you test, and review.

3. Get paid for shopping. There are two companies that I recommend, the first is Ebates. All you do is create an account, and everytime you shop online go to the Ebates site. Next, search for the store you want to shop at, click on it – that’s it ! They also tell you if there are any coupon codes available.

Shop online, earn rewards
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The next company is called MyPoints, the concept behind their company is everytime you purchase something do it through their website. For doing so you get points which you can use for PayPal, gift cards, or charity.

3. Start a blog, many think that blogging has become a thing of the past, but the opposite is true. To blog to make money, you can’t write about your kids everyday. Now you can create a blog to do just that, but you won’t make money that way. The way you make money with a blog is two simple things create a niche/brand and write everyday ! The other is by monetizing your blog. Blogger offers Adsense which is a pay per view advertising. There are also several other ways you can monetize a blog (which I’ll get more indepth on in another post.)
There are two different blogging platforms, Blogger and WordPress. I use Blogger, I have for years and just prefer the ease of their setup.
I have discovered a wonderful thing, there are apps that actually pay you for doing very simple tasks. I think this is much more feasible for most people. For one reason, everybody has a cell phone these days , and instead of hanging out on social media why not make some money !
The thing I like about paying apps are that they take very little time. The way most of these apps work is by earning points that once you reach a certain (point) level can be cashed out through PayPal, for gift cards, or even charity.

The simplicity of these apps is what I love,and you don’t have to spend a lot of time completing offers ! Here’s my top picks for APPS THAT PAY MONEY.

1. Tap Cash, use invite code 8546383 to get a bonus 100 points
2. Perk Wallet, use invite code 863b8a4c and get 50 bonus points
3. Slide Joy (I have set this on all my kids devices)
4. Ebates who doesn’t love the idea of getting paid just for shopping, I did ! All you do is install the app (available for PC too,) and every time you shop online click on the app,search for the store, click on it and shop, that’s it !
5. Receipt Hog, this is another app I LOVE ! All you do is take a picture of your receipts, and you get paid for it, easy huh !?


acorns app
Here’s a pic of my account

Yes, there are apps for investing too. I am in LOVE with the app called Acorns. The premise behind this app is called round-ups. What it does it takes every purchase you make, and round ups to the nearest dollar and invests it. It’s such a simple concept, and you can really make money ! You pick your portfolio (aka how aggressive your money is invested,) choose if you want to add a recurring payment (I didn’t,) that’s it !

I hope this jump starts your quest on how to make money online and with apps !
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