One of the many ways to make some extra money is by utilizing codes from Kellogg’s products that you purchase.

get reward codes
What I love about programs like these is you basically are getting rewarded for stuff you already buy.
The concept is simple, any Kellogg’s products you purchase has a code. You take that code to their website, enter it and you get points. These points accumulate, and you can get money, gift cards, or merchandise.

They’ve recently added a new option as well. You can attach your store cards, and when you purchase products it will automatically save the codes and give you points.

You can also get printable coupons for all your favorite Kellogg’s products !

Below is a list of codes for you to enter:

EARNGREATREWARDS – 20 points                  25TBIGGAMEBONUS – 25 points

HEARTBONUSCODES – 100 points                   WEMELTFORMEMBERS – 25 points

EARNSWEETREWARDS – 50 points                 KFRWARMANDTOASTY – 25 points

HERES2ABETTERKFR – 25 points                    100POINTTHANKYOU – 100 points


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