never lose your pictures from your phone again

Having 5 kids, I’m busy to say the least ! I’m always pulling out my phone to capture that picture or video.

What I always hated about this was having to transfer them to either my computer to get access to them, and then transfer them to a website that can process/print the pictures.

Then I found Dropbox.
This is the equivalent of throwing all your pictures (videos) into a box.
This box is fire safe, water proof, and can’t be destroyed.

This is one of my favorite apps because every single picture or video I take gets automatically saved to my dropbox.

So I never have to worry about losing my precious pictures or videos on my phone (or computer) again !

Another great feature is that with the one account you can put it onto other devices. As an example, my husband put it on his phone and every picture he takes gets saved to Dropbox as well.

If you want to put it onto your children’s devices you can do this as well, and all their pictures get saved too.



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