One of my biggest pet peeves is having to pay high utility bills, especially for necessities like heat and water. There’s nothing you can do about it, you have to have some things.

I have found some great ways to pay less for utility bills. 

The first way I have found to save money is for Directv and home phone/internet.

How I came upon this is one day I was just tired of paying the amounts I was. So I decided I was canceling their services.

I called Directv, T-mobile, and Windstream. Directv was very sympathetic to my plight of not being able to afford their service. Being I had been a loyal customer of 4 1/2 years, if I signed a one year contract they would knock off $30 from my bill. That contract was emailed to me, and electronically signed that day.

On top off that, I have several other credits that are applied to my bill. This helps tremendously in paying less for utility bills.

Also if you call every few months, and ask what promotions are available for your account. You can get extra discounts applied.

I was able to get Directv to drop my bill almost half. I’m now paying $75 for their biggest package with all the movie channels !

I thought I may be able to get other utility companies to drop their prices as well, so I called. I had, had a horrible experience with Windstream’s internet service. So I had enough, I called and told them  I was switching to a different company. They asked if there was anyway they could persuade me to stay.

I explained that I homeschool my children, write from home, as well as have many recreational devices that rely on their internet service. I also told them that I was tired of paying for a service that wasn’t preforming.

I got Windstream to give me a $10 off credit on my bill for $12 months.

If you lose service for an extended period of time (anything over 2 days,) Call them and tell them, and they will credit you for those days you didn’t have service. If you don’t have a service they are offering and you are paying for. Than on the days you don’t have that service you should be compensated.

Remember, you are the consumer. You are the one paying for their service, and you can go to another company very easily.


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