Unfortunately, in today’s day and age we have to be extra careful at keeping our personal information safe and secure. I’m going to give to tips on how to prevent identity theft and scammers.

* Burn anything with any sort of account numbers, social security numbers, and birthdays. The reasoning for this is this is the information that is needed to access most accounts. Do not throw them in the trash.

I wouldn’t rely on basic shredders because paper can be put back together. The only shredder I would recommend is one that cuts it cross ways, not just straight strips.

All you need is an old metal coffee can to use as your burning barrel. Just go outside, and put your mail or papers into the can and light it on fire, that’s it.

* Never give ANY information to someone who calls you. One of the easiest ways for someone to steal your identity or information is by calling you, and pretending to be your bank or credit card company.

Usually they will say your account has been hacked, or has suspicious activity. If this happens, immediately hang up and call the company directly. Tell them about the call you received, and they’ll check your account.

* Only use your credit/bank cards at reputable stores. I buy all sorts of stuff online. In general, most online stores are reputable. My absolute favorite is Amazon. They offer what’s called an A-Z guarantee.

If you are unhappy in any way with something you purchase, you can submit a claim, and it will be resolved within a couple days. Amazon’s customer service is great ! You can call, chat, or email them anytime.

If you have a virus program on your computer, it will usually tell you if a website is suspicion or dangerous. I use McAfee and it will also tell me which sites are safe when I do a search.

* Get a bank that has an excellent policy against fraud/unauthorized purchases. I bank at Republic Bank, and their an absolute dream when it comes to this sort of thing. Every time I have EVER had an issue they will refund me for the full amount in question.

There you go, now you are on your to way to preventing scammers and identity theft !


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