Out of all of my utility bills, the highest one is my electric bill. Nothing drives me more crazy than opening my electric bill, and it being anywhere from $150 – $235 depending upon the season. The highest bills I get are in the summer and winter. I’m here to share with you how to save money on your electric bill.

1. CHANGE YOUR FILTER for your furnace religiously. I know this sounds elementary, but the airflow to your furnace is key to how efficiently it runs. If your filter has a build-up of dust, dirt, and particles it will not get the air needed to run at full capacity. Another option is re-usable filters that you just wash off.

2. CHECK FOR GAPS AROUND YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS. Until I actual did this I didn’t realize how much air was actually getting in around them. To do this effectively wait until a windy day. Light a candle, and move it slowly around the windows and doors. Whenever your candle starts flickering, you know air is getting in. Mark each spot with a small post it so you know exactly where you need to fix.

how to sae money on electric heatNext, get sealing tape and line your windows with it. On the bottom of the window you can put 2-3 layers of old clothes, (about 10 pieces) newspaper, or cardboard.

Finally, seal around the inside of your windows.
Make sure to check once your window is closed, on each side where the top of the window connects. A lot of times there is a little gap that lets a lot of air in. You can just buy a small roll of insulation, and stuff it into these gaps.

3. CHECK YOUR VENTS that the air comes out of. A lot of times air from the outside actually comes in these vents when they’re not being used. You can purchase magnetic vent covers to cover them with.

4. CLOSE VENTS IN UNUSED ROOMS. You want to utilize the air that is being forced into your home. If you have rooms that you aren’t in all day or guest bedrooms, close those vents. The same is true with unused bathrooms and kids rooms that don’t have any kids in them all day or some nights.

5. FEEL AROUND THE BOTTOM OF KITCHEN APPLIANCES. The reasoning for this is that a lot of times there are gaps in the wall at the back of these appliances. If there is, buy a can of expanding foam and spray it into the cracks to fill them. This is good for use under sinks too.

6. PAINT YOUR ROOF WHITE. In a recent study it was shown that sunny areas that painted their roofs white, saw a reduction of 40 percent in their energy usage. Just use a white elastomeric coating.

how to save money on energy bill

7. SET YOUR HOT WATER HEATER TO 120 DEGREES. This temperature is recommended by the EPA to prevent scalding, but also to save you some money. Anything above 120 degrees takes a lot more effort and energy for your water heater to kick out. When you go on vacation turn it off.

8. TURN OFF LIGHTS WHEN DONE IN ROOM. It is amazing how many people don’t simply turn the lights or tv off when they exit a room, especially kids ! This is an easy way to start saving money right away.

There you go, several ways on how to save money on electric bills.



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