If you’ve ever struggled with thick hair, I am here to show you how to thin hair. It can seem like a daunting task, but it is really, really simple ! What prompted me into looking more into how to thin hair started with my own struggles because I have very thick, course, curly hair. It get extremely heavy and hot, especially in the summer.

It also becomes very hard to manage. I found the same to be true when it came to my daughters. Each have been    “blessed” with my thick hair. Not all of them have the curls, but all of them have the body and the thickness. Which has led all three of them to ask me, ” How to thin their hair.”

thinning shears to learn how to thin hair

I started looking at ways how to thin hair at home. I did this for a couple reasons. One time when I was getting a cut, I asked to get my hair thinned, lets just say – OUCH ! They did not know how to use hair thinning shears. They yanked and pulled out my hair. Anybody that has thick, curly hair knows you can’t use thinning shears on curly hair in that way. This is NOT the way how to thin hair !

As many of you know, I’m all about doing things as cost effective (or cheap 🙂 as I can. The first step to thin your hair with thinning shears is finding the right hair thinning shears for you.

These are the absolute CHEAPEST Professional Hair Thinning Shears I’ve found at only $7.99.

Now you’re ready to learn how to thin hair with thinning shears. Below is my daughter Rebecca, ready for her first hair thinning.

The first thing you want to do is make sure the hair is combed through good, so there are no tangles.

Next, you want to separate the hair into two parts. Take the top part (as seen below,) and secure it with a clip.

Take a second layer of the hair, and secure it with another clip. Now you’re ready to start using your thinning shears on the hair.

thin your hair thinning shears

Starting on one side, take a small amount of hair. Gently pull the hair enough so it’s taut. Next, your going to cut hair with your thinning shears in two spots. One at the top, and one at the bottom, that’s it. Grab another piece of hair, and just keep repeating this process until you get to the other side.

use thinning shears short hair

As you can see Rebecca has short hair. When you use thinning shears on short hair, it will only take a couple cuts. For someone that has longer hair, you may want to do more depending upon how thin the desired effect is.

Remember, when learning how to thin hair start with less. You can always go back, and take more off if you want to.

Take out the clip closest to the bottom of the hair, and continue thinning out hair with the thinning shears.

thin hair thinning shears

Finally, take out the last clip on the top, and comb out all the hair.

 That’s it, you now know how to thin hair !

Here’s a few other hair thinning shears.

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