I’m so excited to tell you about these Free products I got to test from Influenster !
My favorite products to test by Influenster was the Suave Kids line Purely Fun, hair detangler and 2in1 shampoo and conditioner.
The Shampoo and conditioner smells amazing for one ! I used it on my 5 yr. old daughters hair, and it made it super shiny and stopped the fly away frizz that she tends to get.
She is in love with it, we will be purchasing this product in the future ! 
So I give it an A+ !
The Purely Fun detangler (also by Suave Kids line) smelt really good. On the first use, I couldn’t get any liquid to come up and squirt out. 
So upon opening taking the lid off of the container, I noticed how thick the product was. 
So I poured it into a spray bottle that I had lying around, and added water to it.
Once I did this, it worked great ! 
It worked really well on my 5 yr. old hair which gets VERY tangled ! 
My 13 yr. old daughter (with almost waist length hair) also really like the scent, as well as how well it helps get the tangles out.
This product also gets an A+ ! 
Next I tried the Palmolive Fusion dish soap. I usually use Palmolive original so I was interested to see the difference between the two. 
The Palmolive Fusion definitely cleans great, and the smell was like fresh apples ! 
Compared to the original Palmolive, I like the original better than the Fusion.
I’m still going to give in a A !
Next, the kids flossers.
These work great, and the floss does not break before you’re done flossing. It also did not get real loose, and lose its effectiveness. 
My 5 yr. old daughter was instantly excited by the bright colors ! 
These get an A+.
Next, the Secret deodorant. I really like the smell which reminded me of a fresh shower scent. The coverage worked really well, I stayed dry, and did not have to re-apply during the day. 
I give it an A ! 
Finally, the pink and aqua pens. I had to fight my 5 yr. old AND my 17 yr. old for these, lol. They wrote very smooth, and gel like. The ink didn’t skip at all, and my daughters used them quite a bit as well. So I give these an A+ as well ! 
That’s it for this months Influenser review, see you next month ! 🙂


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