Money Saving App, How to Save and Invest Money Effortlessly !

This weeks App is called Acorns.

I was very excited when I found this app ! It helps you save and invest money without any effort.

What it does is rounds up money from all your purchases to the nearest dollar. So if you spend .50 Acorns will take the other .50, and save it for you. Whenever you want it, you can get it.

How you invest the money is when you set up your account, you pick a portfolio. A portfolio is just a fancy way to say holding place. What this does than is deposits those amounts that have been rounded up into the portfolio (holding place,) and makes money according to which one you picked upon the setup of your account.

Than you just sit back and watch your money accumulate and grow !

If you want to set up recurring amounts, you can do that too.

Start Saving Money With No Effort NOW !



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