Everybody wants to save money ! The question is, what is the best way ? Being Krazy Coupon Mommy, I have found online printable coupon the goldmine of money savers – coupons !

Something as simple as coupons can get overwhelming fast; Online printable coupons, how to save money coupons, daily grocery coupons, best printable coupon sites, well you get the gist.

I am here to give some clarity, and break it down for you. No longer will you feel like you are trying to figure out which company has the best coupon printable.

Here’s the list for the best online printable coupons and daily grocery coupons.


*Proctor and Gamble


Rite Aid

My absolute FAVORITE is Coupons.com. Their site is extremely easy to use. To me this is a key factor. I absolutely hate a site that claims to be the best printable coupon sites, only to find a mess of a site. Give me something simple ! I get this with their site

All you do is search by category or you can search for specific products. You can pick several products at once by simply clicking on them. Once you’re done, click print – you’re done !

My second favorite way to get daily grocery coupons is at Proctor and Gamble. These are their brands .

how to save money coupon

Sometimes we get a bit fixated on the online printable coupons and daily grocery coupons. Don’t get me wrong, we all want the how to save money coupons. There is more then one way how to save money on grocery shopping.


There are several stores that offer huge savings just for using their store card. It is a super simple process. They just want basic information, and then you get the sale prices just for using the card every time you shop.

My favorite is Kroger. Not only do you get the savings for using the card, but you get coupons sent to you in the (snail) mail. The coupons they send are based on your buying habits. So you get coupons for stuff you’re already buying.

They also offer daily grocery coupons in digital form. You can do this from a phone, tablet,or computer. All you do is download the app (on a phone or tablet,) for a computer just go to the website. Create a username and password and you’re all set. Then, just click on digital coupons, and add whatever ones you use.

Fuel point program – Seriously, do I need to say more ? Anything that I absolutely have to buy, that I can save moneonline printable coupons andy on, I’m in ! So here’s the deal, you get 1 point for every dollar spent. Every 100 gets you 1 cent off. So it doesn’t take long to start seeing a significant savings ! They have double fuel points often too.

You can even set up what’s called “Community Reward’s.” What this is, is local businesses that you can pick that will get a percentage of your purchases donated by Kroger. They give millions each year to our communities.

Next up is Rite Aid. I don’t know what it is about department stores that I enjoy, but I love them ! I loved them before they offered AMAZING deals  just for shopping at their store !

They have digital coupons that get loaded right onto your store card.

They have a $1 section that has some great (cheap) snacks. My faves are the almonds, sunflower seeds, caramel popcorn, and chocolate covered almonds,

You get a ton of coupons printed at the register as an added bonus !

So I hope that helps you out some !



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