There are several ways how to save money, one of the best is by learning how to get and utilize online printable coupons, and printable coupon sites, coupons, and codes.

There are a ton of them to choose from, so it can get very overwhelming. Not to mention, knowing which ones are good or not. I’m here to help you out !

My very favorite is ! You can find coupons for just about everything you buy. You just create your account, and let the printing begin ! You can search for specific products as well.

My next favorite online printable coupon website is Proctor and Gamble. This is great if you love P&G products like I do ! No longer do I have to search the Sunday papers for their great coupons.

For both of the above coupon sites, you make a username and password, then you are taken to their coupon page. Here you can search for specific coupons, browse by category, or just look and scroll. When there’s one you want, click on it and it’s added to your cart. When you’re ready to print, just go to your cart.

My next best way to save money is loadable store cards. If you’ve ever wondered how to save money with loadable coupons, here you go. This has just recently been taking the coupon world by storm. The reasoning is one, you don’t have to print them out. Secondly, the ease and simplicity. You can do these by getting an app for your phone, (which makes for even easier convenience) or from your computer.

To set these up, go to your favorite store websites. They will tell you how to do it for their specific company. Once set up, you just add whatever coupons you want and they’re instantly put on your card.

Another great way to save money is online coupon codes. These can be used online and in stores. The best place I have found to get these codes is RetailMeNot.

You can search for any retailer you like, and it will show any available coupons. If you are at a store, you can look it up and show the cashier the bar code to scan. If you’re online, you will get a code to apply to your purchase.

I hope this helps you in getting the best online printable coupons and coupon codes !
Happy Saving !


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