Lets face it, we all want to know the secret: What are the best ways to make money from home or, how do I make money online at home ? I’m not talking about those sites that make you take surveys forever.
I’m talking about legitimate ways to make money from home: So let’s jump right in !
Inbox dollars
My absolute fav is Inbox Dollars the reason why is simple, they PAY ACTUAL MONEY ! No points, just cold hard cash. This is one of the few companies I have found that pays actual money. You also Make Money Fast ! There’s several options you have to make money: You can take surveys, watch trailers, and even get paid to try free samples. Plus a TON of other things.
Today only, get $5 Just For Signing up !
I’m all for learning new ways to make money from home, but when I learned there are ways to makewhat is the best way to make money online for money watching TV shows and videos, I was beyond thrilled ! What could be easier, right?
I was even more excited to learn I could Make Money Online Watching Videos on Autopilot. In other words, I just set it and forget it.
You can do this on any device; phones, tablets, computers, and Ipods. All you need to do is be able to get access to each company’s app (or website.) Then you just download it (for an app) or go to the website. You can set it up on multiple devices, and run them simultaneously too.
My absolute favorite company to Earn Money Watching Videos is called Perk.
You just create an account by making a username and password.
Log into your account, click on watch Perk TV.
Then, click on watch app trailers (or whatever you want to watch.) Just click on the first one in the row, that’s it !
It will go from one to the next without having to do anything. I set it up on my computers, and rack up the points.
The below picture shows how I cashed out using PayPal.
That’s it, now you know how to make money from home. watching TV !
Make sure to use invite code 863b8a4c, and get 500 Bonus Points !
There are several other options as well to earn points once your account is created.

My second favorite way is MyPoints. I have used them for about 15 years, and have got a TON of gift cards ! You now have the option of a PayPal payout. This has changed just over the last couple of years.

The premise of MyPoints is simple, you do different activities with different point values. You just accumulate the points which in turn, get turned in for cash or gift cards.

The next best way to make money online for FREE is BingWhat I love about Bing is there are a lot of super quick and easy ways to earn points. For you that’s great because it means you’ll be able to cash out fast, (AKA. Make Money.)

how to make money online for

So that’s it, those are my top 4 ways to make money from home !

I will be updating this post as I continue to find more ways make money online at home, Happy Earning !


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